28 Фт Еврипус Риб Изнајмљује Се Само Са Скипером - Crete Чартери чамаца

О овој јахти

28 Ft Evripus RIB powered by 2 x 275 HP Mercury engines.

Dimensions: Length 8.55 m, Beam 3.1 m, Draft 1.1 m

Capacity: 7 Guests

Onboard: USB port ready / WIFI/ Ladder /Bow Sundeck / Deck Shower

Tenders and Toys: Fishing equipment, Snorkeling equipment

Trip Details


Lunch on our day cruises is prepared fresh by our private chef, who uses the best of local, biological ingredients. Enjoy all the traditional recipes and secrets of the famous Cretan cuisine. Please inform us if you like to adjust the menu: Food allergies/ Gluten-free/ Vegetarian or Vegan we can make it all happen for you.


Lunch is served with all local ingredients, biological and cooked the traditional Gretan way.
Selection of breads
Pasta Salad
1. Chicken mustard-honey
(penne whole-wheat, roasted chicken breast, tomato, red beans, corn, green pepper, mustard, and honey dressing)

2. Tuna

(penne whole-wheat, tuna, tomato, corn, red beans, cucumber, olives, yogurt dressing)

3. Caesar\'s

(penne whole-wheat, roasted chicken breast, bacon, tomato, red beans, corn, mustard dressing)

Seasonal Fruits Traditional dessert

Wine, Beers & Soft Drinks

* Upon request, the main dish can be a choice between: traditional mousaka, pastitsio, or gemista (vegan) 

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Нудимо следећа путовања

  • Day Cruise - Balos Cruises: Balos - Gramvousa Island

    Cruise Options:
    Day Cruise: Return the same evening
    One-night short cruise: spend the night on the yacht and return to Porte in the morning
    One-night long cruise: Spend the night on the yacht, have a swim in the morning, enjoy a great lunch and return to Porte in the evening.

    Enjoy the most popular destination of Crete on a Yacht and sail the famous lagoon from parts not accessible by crowds.

    Balos beach is our main destination on this cruise as Balos is one of the most special beaches to be have seen in the world. Balos Beach is a well-protected nature reserve, a tropical lagoon with amazing white and pink sand and seashells!
    Dive into the blue shallow waters that are crystal clear.

    Gramvousa island: Gramvousa is close to Balos, Gramvousa is a small uninhabited island and used to be a hide-out for pirates. The Island has a beautiful beach and snorkeling area or visits the remnants of a Venetian located at the top of the island.

    Included: Lunch / Drinks / 1-3 Person Crew / Fuel / Free WiFi

    Towels / Soundsystem / TV / Fishing Gear /Snorkeling Gear

    Not Included/ Extra Services: Diving with a trainer / Water Ski / Jet Ski /Flying Board / Underwater photography / Tubes and Water Toys

  • Menies Cruise: Menies - Chironisia - Thodorou Island

    Day cruise: Morning till evening Charter

    Taking this Charter, you will sail to destinations with lesser possibilities of finding lots of people. We will visit beautiful coves, amazing beaches with pebbles, sites of archaeological interest, enjoy swimming through caves, and visit a nature-protected Island.

    Menies Beach: Menies Beach is a ?eautiful, secluded beach with pebbles, almost impossible to reach by car. We will go for anchor and you can enjoy a swim, and snorkeling or you can visit the ruins of the ancient temple dating back to 530 BC, as well as the remnants of an ancient harbor.

    Choironisia: Choironisia is a small bay and is only reachable by the sea with its deep crystal blue waters, it is full of small caves where you can enjoy a swim, snorkel, or explore the wonderful sea caves.

    Thodorou island: Thodorou Island is a nature reserve and well-protected island, there only inhabitants are the protected species of wild goats of Crete, the famous kri-kri.

    Included: Lunch / Drinks / 1-3 Person Crew / Fuel / Free WiFi

    Towels / Soundsystem / TV / Fishing Gear /Snorkeling Gear
    Not Included/Extra Services: Diving with a trainer / Water Ski / Jet Ski /Flying Board / Underwater photography / Tubes and Water Toys

  • Agioi Theodoroi Island Cruise/ Thodorou Island

    Cruise options:
    Day cruise: Morning till evening
    Half-day cruise: 4 hour Charter, Sun Cruise or Sunset Cruise

    Sail with us to this beautiful small island for relaxation, swimming, and diving.

    We start sailing to the Thodorou island which is the closest destination to the Old Venetian Port of Chania. We will sail passed the lighthouse, which is the landmark of the port, this way you will get a beautiful view of the city of Chania, after 10 minutes of sailing the beautiful waters of Chania we arrive at the gorgeous Island Theodorou Island which is a Nature protected area, due to the variety and rarity of plants and animals and a unique place for its historical remains.

    If you like to visit the southern part of the island and just above a huge cave you will find the ruins of a Venetian castle built-in 1537. A stunning place to take pictures.

    Visiting the northern side of Thodorou island you will encounter Glaronisi, an even smaller island. This is the wildest part, called the «black wall» where you can visit the famous wild goats of Crete, the «kri kri».

    Enjoy your day snorkeling in crystal waters, looking for starfish and shells. In these waters, you will find the wreck of the German aircraft «Junker 52» of World War II, which rests underneath.

    Included: Lunch (day Cruise) / Drinks / 1-3 Person Crew / Fuel / Free WiFi

    Towels / Soundsystem / TV / Fishing Gear /Snorkeling Gear / Snacks and Finger food (4 hour Charter)
    Not Included/Extra Services: Diving with a trainer / Water Ski / Jet Ski /Flying Board / Underwater photography / Tubes and Water Toys

  • Southwestern Crete Cruise: Balos - Loutro - Samaria Gorge – Sfakia

    Cruise Options:
    Day Cruise: Arrive back at the Port in the evening
    One-night Short Cruise: Spend the night on the Yacht and return to the Porte in Chania the next morning
    One-night Long Cruise: Spend the night on the Yacht, enjoy a fresh dive in the water in the morning, have a fantastic lunch on board, and return to the port of Chania in the evening.

    Our first destination will be sailing to the Balos lagoon which is known to be one out of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world with its turquoise waters and colorful sand.

    After exploring the Balos lagoon we will sail south towards Paleochora where we will visit Elafonissi, the world-famous pink sand beach, afterwards to the Sougia beach and the end of the epic Samaria Gorge, Agia Roumeli.

    We will also visit the following unique beaches:

    Agios Pavlos pebbled beach with the homonymous 10th-century Byzantine chapel.

    The impressive beach of Marmara is located at the exit of the Aradena gorge.

    We will sail to Loutro which is a beautiful little fishing village that took its name from the baths found there. In this village, cars don’t exist as it is only reachable by sea.
    A must-see is the Glyka Nera beach, known to be the most beautiful beach in Southern Crete, named after its freshwater springs, that flow into the sea.
    At the exit of Kavi Gorge, you will visit Iliggas which is an incredible beach with crystal clear waters and silver thick sand.

    Our sailing Charter will end at the beautiful, picturesque port of Sfakia.

    All guests are given the choice of either returning on the yacht or going back to your hotel by VIP car service.
    Included: Lunch / Drinks / 1-3 Person Crew / Fuel / Free WiFi

    Towels / Sound system / TV / Fishing Gear /Snorkeling Gear
    Not Included/Extra Services: Diving with a trainer / Water Ski / Jet Ski /Flying Board / Underwater photography / Tubes and Water Toys


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Да ли нудите чартере без чамца?
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Подразумевана стопа: 800 USD

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Додатна стопа путника: 80 USD

Основна цена: 550 USD

Укупна цена: 550 USD

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Стање: 550 USD

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1/ Прво ћемо вам послати потврду о доступности чамца.
2/ Ако одлучите да кренете даље и резервишете чартер, можете само да кликнете на линк за плаћање, да уплатите мали депозит (макс. 15%). Веза за плаћање ће бити послата са потврдом доступности.
3/ Када се депозит уплати, добићете веома детаљну потврду путовања.

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  • Sep, 2022

    Леп дан за роњење са мојом шесточланом породицом. Воде су биле мирне и дубоке само 6 стопа, али морски живот је био невероватан. Чак и јастога.

  • Oct, 2022

    Одличан дан за пецање у становима. Ухваћена дозвола, Баракуда и огроман Тарпон. Капетан и чамац су били сјајни и створени за одличан дан!

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    Невероватно путовање у дубоком мору. Отишли смо око 20 миља од обале и пронашли коров где смо ухватили тоне Махија! Урадићу то поново ускоро.