16.4 ft Compass 168cc Powerboat

Boat Details

Length 16.4 ft

Trip Details

16.4 ft Compass 168cc with YAMAHA 100 hp engine and auxiliary YAMAHA 5 hp engine is a contemporary and fast powerboat. The length of this beauty is 5.00 meter and a beam of 2.15 meter. With this beauty you will enjoy a very smooth and comfortable ride. The capacity of this beauty is 7 pax.

Cruising with this beauty is perfect choice to spend your amazing day in Crete. For your comforts this beauty has Sun tent, Pillows, Ice Fridge, Radio, MP3, Ladder, Mobile GPS Tracker, Maps, Compass.

You can enjoy a fantastic day while exploring the sea beauty, swimming in the clear blue waters of Crete and you can relax under the summer sun of Greece!